OIPEEC – International Organization for the Study of Ropes

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International Organization for the Study of Ropes

What is OIPEEC?

OIPEEC is a worldwide association of scientists, experts, researchers, manufacturers and users dedicated to study properties and behavior of wire and fiber ropes.

OIPEEC collects and disseminates studies related to a wide range of applications such as, elevators, cranes, ropeways, rope for construction, large mooring lines, hoisting ropes for mines, deep-water lifting ropes, and industrial ropes.

OIPEEC promotes works covering all aspects of rope technology including design, selection, degradation, inspection, endurance and discard.

Established in 1963, OIPEEC currently has over 100 members from more than 25 countries.



Contact OIPEEC

For general enquiries, contact the Secretary:

John Dodd
Millfield Enterprises Ltd


OIPEEC Conferences

OIPEEC organises conferences every second year to discuss issues of relevance to ropes. These conferences are open to members and non-members alike. Past conferences covered varied topics such as “Simulating Rope Applications", "The Non-destructive Testing of Ropes", "Rope Terminations and Fittings", "Wire Rope Discard Criteria", "How to get the most out of your ropes“, "Trends for ropes“, “Innovative Ropes and Rope Applications“ and “Challenging rope applications”.


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